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About Promised Land Camp, Inc.

A site of 25 acres, located in Catskill, New York of the USA. This site is purchased, registered as a non-organization (501 (c) 3) and administered by the board of trustee.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to lead people to Christ, through networking, fellowship, worship and recreations. This camp is designed for people to have a a tranquility, that allow leaders to lead their campers to a better devotion, training, restoration and relaxation.


A place for connection, sharing information and empowering through encouragement and resources.

Bible Based Camp

Campers will be truly equipped though God's word during their stay, through our network leaders or your own leaders.

Connecting with God

We are focusing on the atmosphere of love. Family camp and other programs will intern connecting people with the true knowledge of salvation.

Benefiting the church

Using our camp will be benefiting the local church. People will be inspired, charged and return home with a sense of love and wanted to serve God even more.

Promised Land camp

Family Camp 2014: Attended campers
Family Camp 2015: Attended campers
Family Camp 2016: Attended campers

Board of Trustee and Info

Please explore our resources to serve your need

Board of trustee

Sothy Trang, Khuong Khung, Amra Phou, Paul Ream , Chiv Taing and Len Taing, Richard Matthew (Emeritus)


Hundred of people are participating in our Family Camp annually.

Our doctrine

We have adopted our drince from the Lausanne Covenant. Full info an be seen at:

Gallery Sharing

Facebook and camper's sharing.

Sponsor a Carbin

We name the carbin by your name, church or family, if you are able to sponsor one. Contact us for full info.


Sothy Trang (203) 512-4006; Amra Phou at AEC office: (203)-384-9870 or email at

Community Service

Are you required to have a community service, serve with our project. Contact Pastor Sothy or full info

Frequently Ask Questions

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History of Promised Land camp?

Cambodian Family Camp of the East Coast, United States, has been around for many years. Many Cambodian churches in the region have situated themselves at certain camps and enjoyed fellowship within their own denominations. However, Family Camp '98 whose theme was "Unity Among Cambodian Families and Churches" seeks to bring together many Cambodian church of all denominations to establish a camp in a unified way. Hundred of people were participating at this Family Camp. Campers and church leaders were challenged by the Lord. Leaders have agreed to continue working together to turn Family Camp into an annual event where New England Cambodian Churches and friends are given the opportunity to come in unification for a couple of days of spiritual uplifting in a socially entertaining environment.

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